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Reel Seats

We have two different type of reel seats available to you for your custom fishing rod. Our standard graphite reel seat and our wood reel seat. Each reel seat is exceptional, but we like to give our customer different options and leave the choice up to you. For our fly rod reel seats we use uplocking aluminum skeletons and use the same wood for the reel seat as we do for your handle.

Graphite Reel Seats

Our standard reel seats are made from graphite and can have chrome, black or gold hoods. All of the hoods that are used are cushioned so they will not damage whatever reel you choose to put on your custom fishing rod.

Spinning Reel Seat Casting Reel Seat

Wood Spinning Reel Seat

If you want another unique look for your custom fishing rod you can have us make you a wood reel seat to match your wood handle choice with along with your choice of gold, black or chrome cushioned hoods.

Note: Wood reel seats are only available for spinning rods.


Fly Rod Reel Seats

Since there are many different types of fly skeletons available to you for your custom fly rod, please feel free to contact Brandon if you have something specific you want or need suggestions.

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