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Rods For Sale

Besides doing custom fishing rods to your order, I also have multiple custom fishing rods that I have designed and built for sale right off the rack. So, if you need a quick present or have a big fishing trip coming up, take a look and see if any of these custom fishing rods fit the bill. As the fishing season continues I will fulfil any custom fishing rod orders I have and then try to get more prebuilt fishing rods out there for you to purchase right away. 

Spinning Rods
#1 - Custom Silver Blank, Med. Power (New)


Casting Rods
#1 - SC2, ML Power (New)


Inshore Saltwater Rods
Sold Out!!


Offshore Saltwater Rods
Sold Out!!


Fly Rods
Sold Out!!


Ice Rods
Sold Out!!


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